Choose the date and location for your Avatar® Course.

International Avatar® courses in the U.S., in Germany and in Holland.

For details choose the web site, or contact us directly. You can register with me as your trainer and we join other trainers and participants for the international course of your choice.

Avatar® courses in Berlin (or at the Baltic Sea)
You can look forward to unforgettable experiences in personal development and adventure. In the midst of the new and old capital of Germany, or at sites, steeped in history, dating back to ancient times, or in vicinity of old forests with legendary full-moon nights and mystery, - you will enjoy an ideal atmosphere for self exploration. Please contact me!

Avatar® in Pondicherry, South India
We chose this location based on a desire to be near the famous city of Pondicherry, and our personal history with the area. Located next to the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry is a center of spiritual influence. Nine miles from this flourishing city, our training facility is located just outside of Auroville, the international township.

Our training facility, called "Udayan" (which means ‘sunrise’ in Sanskrit), is a beautiful four acres estate full of mysterious, gigantic old trees, fruit orchards and other tropical vegetation within the unique atmosphere of traditional Tamilian village life. Our place is located next to a renowned center for Indian theatre and culture. A comfortable guesthouse and a well kept South Indian style kitchen provide for the physical needs of curious visitors and workshop participants. The Indian ocean is just a twenty-minute ride away.


Avatar® courses in Brazil
Experience the adventure of exploring and expanding your own consciousness, and your real psychological and energetical instruments and possibilities for development, in an Avatar® course in Brazil! You will learn how to use your inner tools within yourself, - and in your everyday life, improving it dramatically.

It is in the midst of the soft hills of the state of Sao Paulo, where our and training and courses are taking place, - at our own sitio,- where we chose to live, in the statistically second best climate of the world, where the trunks of trees are covered with red liquen,  near deep primary forests, everlasting, pure water springs with healing quality, large green pastures, and shadowy mystic topes. Jungle life is waiting directly in front of the door, and bees provide medicinal honey, pollen, gelee royal, and propolis. We even have grapes, strawberries, and lavender plantations, - 800 m above sea level, inside the semi-acidious Atlantic Rainforest, in between the megacity of Sao Paulo and Campinas, at a distance of 150 km only.

Yes, it is truly magic, and Matamba Sitio is a magic place, a best kept secret.

Avatar® courses here will be an unforgettable experience.