You explore and discover your true self with all its infinite potential and all the wonderful possibilities which are waiting for you.

“You are far greater, far more radiant
than any idea you have of yourself.”
( Harry Palmer)

The Avatar® Course is delivered in three sections:

Section I (Resurfacing®)
This section introduces you to the basic principles of Avatar®. With the help of practical exercises you will receive the key for the control of your will and your attention. You discover the effect your beliefs have on how you experience life. You learn how your known and unknown mental filters control the mechanisms of your perception of reality. You will understand how the life experiences are being formed, and why they do not seem to fit with what you prefer to experience. You get access to your true potential.

Section II (The next level)
You develop new perceptual skills and the ability to joyfully experience yourself and the world from expanded levels of consciousness. You become an explorer of new possibilities. As you gain deeper access to the structures of your being, you identify limiting beliefs and hidden blocks and ways to dissolve them. You identify personal goals, learn how to set them energetically, and how to realize them in actual life. The path to your inner being will be opened.

Section III (The path)
In section III you acquire simple but powerful tools (rundowns) which allow you to modify the realities in your life you wish to change. The keys to the mastery over your life and yourself will be given to you. You get rid of limitations and deep mental blocks. You actually discover that and how you can really change. The scope of your possibilities for action in the outer world increases manifold. You will recognize and experience yourself as the creative source. The world becomes for you the place of unlimited opportunities.


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