The educational programs we offer include:

Avatar® Training courses

The Avatar® course is a 9 day program supporting each participant in creating their life from a place of calm presence and serene power where anything can be accomplished.
Course fees: $ 2400.- for each person.

Avatar® Mini courses

Avatar® Mini courses provide focus and support in a variety of areas including belief management, attention management, forgiveness, and other topics that help individuals create peace and mastery in their lives. Each Mini Course can be accomplished in a day.

Avatar® courses for young people
This program for teens provides preliminary training in how they can successfully manage their lives, while giving them the opportunity to meet youth from other countries. It will help the realization of human unity.

The Avatar® path:
This is somebody who deliberately stops fighting
against himself, others and the world,
who recognizes and accepts the indescribable force
within himself willingly with joy, -
and who uses it for the world, for others and himself.

For dates and locations for individual and international courses please contact me directly.

Here is a flyer to download as PDF- File (< click it)

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